Rohit Rabadia is the founder member of Team India Darts. He started playing darts in 1995, aged 15, at the Shree Muktajeevan Sports Youth Academy based at Golders Green Temple in London.

He entered, and won his first tournaments in 1996, taking home both the Singles and Doubles titles but then took a break from the game for 11 years.

In 2007 & 2008, he returned to win the same singles title before starting to play on the British Darts Organisation (BDO) circuit around the UK in 2009. He followed this by starting to travel across Europe on the World Darts Federation (WDF) circuit in 2010, and in 2011 Rohit picked up his first ranking points by reaching the last 32 on the Latvia Open.

Name: Rohit Rabadia
Nickname: Rock It
Date of Birth: 30th March 1980
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 18g Razor Edge 1

Prakash Jiwa has been playing County darts for Warwickshire since 1991. He has made over 120 appearances for them, playing over 50 times in the ‘A’ side.

In 2011, Prakash entered the PDC Q-School, winning through on the fourth day defeating Adam Hunt in the final match. Since then, he has risen to 74th in the PDC Order of Merit and qualified for the UK Open Finals in Bolton and in the first two European Tour events in 2012.

Name: Prakash Jiwa
Nickname: Apache
Date of Birth: 21st May 1970
Hometown: Rugby
Darts Used: 22g Bulls

Team India welcomes all darts players who want to help promote the sport of darts across the globe. If you would like to sign up to Team India Darts, then click on the sign up button, and submit the form attached. There is an annual membership fee, which will only be used towards promotion of the sport of darts as Team India Darts are a non-profit organisation.

The following players have already signed up, so why not join them:

Name: Nikash Patel
Nickname: Taxi
Date of Birth: 26th July 1985
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 25g Patels Special

Name: Nitin Kumar
Nickname: The Animal
Date of Birth: 14th November 1985
Hometown: Dubai, UAE
Darts Used: 21g Colin Lloyd

Name: Rachna David
Nickname: Xena
Date of Birth: 1977
Hometown: Oslo, Norway
Darts Used: 22g Eric Bristow

Name: Vivek Khandalwal
Nickname: Deejay
Date of Birth: 2nd October 1987
Hometown: West Bengal, India
Darts Used: 24g Simon Whitlock

Name: Vikash Hirani
Nickname: Vikz
Date of Birth: 1982
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 23g Boxer

Name: Nitin Patel
Nickname: Ferrit
Date of Birth: 16th May 1988
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 25g Harrows Assassin

Deta Hedman is without doubt one of the greatest ladies darts players to have graced the oche.

Having been playing for over 30 years, Deta has won her fair share of titles, including the Winmau World Masters, Europe Cup Singles and World Cup Pairs. She has represented both Essex and, more recently, Oxfordshire county teams and is a current England International.

In June 2012, Deta agreed to be the ambassador for the Team India Darts project, and we were delighted when she agreed to help us achieve our goals.

Name: Deta Hedman
Nickname: Dark Destroyer
Date of Birth: 14th November 1959
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 28g Target

Name: Vijay Pindoria
Nickname: -
Date of Birth: 16th August 1992
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: -

Name: Ashish Bhudia
Nickname: -
Date of Birth: 18th October 1989
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 25g Winmau Hi-Impact

Name: Ashok Bhuva
Nickname: Ash
Date of Birth: -
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 21g Unicorn

Visit Prakash’s website

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Name: John Scott
Nickname: Gnasher
Date of Birth: 17th February 1981
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 18g Tony Shillings

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Name: Arnab Raha
Nickname: Dada
Date of Birth: 20th July 1982
Hometown: Kolkata, India
Darts Used: 24g Simon Whitlock

Paul James has been involved in darts for over 20 years and is currently Treasurer of the West London Darts League.

Paul used to run the London School of Darts, which grew into the London County Youth team. Former pupils include PDC World Youth semi finalist Lewis Venes and PDC Youth Tour finalist Daniel King-Morris.

Away from darts, Paul lives and works in Central London, has three grown up children, and supports Fulham FC.

Name: Paul James
Nickname: -
Date of Birth: 16th January 1958
Hometown: London, England

Name: Rashmin D Thakrani
Nickname: -
Date of Birth: 22nd April 1992
Hometown: London, England
Darts Used: 21g Razor Edge 1