I have met Rohit many times on the BDO tour, and he represents the sport of darts magnificently. He is a lovely man, totally dedicated and enthusiastic.

What he and Prakash are doing to bring our great sport to kids from the ethnic communities is fantastic. Years ago, I cut a lonely figure on tour, but with initiatives like this the future will be different.

Deta Hedman – Ladies World Ranked #1

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Rohit approached us just over 3 years ago, as the first Asian Darts

player to play on the BDO Tour.

This was really exciting news and we were very happy to help Rohit on his way to becoming a top professional darts player.

During our  time together Rohit has been an amazing ambassador for the game of darts and Red Dragon in return.

We not only wish him the very best with his new venture we will support him all the way.

Simon Hall – Head of Marketing, Red Dragon Darts

I think and i hope, that the project International Darts Network (IDN) can help to make darts much more popular as now is, we want to work together with IDN and help to make darts bigger worldwide. Only the people, like for example Rohit Rabadia, who loves this sport, can bring us forward, not only in the UK, also in the whole world.

Maciej Chorbinski – Polish Darts Organisation

This is a fantastic project. Darts has grown in popularity over the years and players like Rohit who have played on the circuit can act as role models and mentors to young up and coming darts players. Rohit has shown his dedication and commitment but playing in tournaments both in UK and Europe and has raised money for charity by holding a 24hour darts marathon.

This latest project shows that he is now investing time and money into the future. A future generation of darts players that will take the PDC and BDO by storm.

Muks Rabadia – NSC Media

Team India Darts is a fantastic idea and in Rohit and Prakash they have two of the most dedicated players you will find. This combination can only lead to success, and I wish them all the best in their venture.

I have known Rohit for a few years now and he has always been committed, not only to his own goals, but to helping others through charity work and community projects. He is thoroughly worthy of all the positive recognition that comes his way and deserves every success.

John Scott – PDC Darts Player